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Welcome to Mun     Taxes

Mundo Taxes was established since October 2013 and offers a culturally sensitive service, meeting the needs of our Community in reference to Tax Preparation and Business Tax Services, in a business environment where our clients feel very comfortable. We are part of the franchisee Toro Taxes.


  Pablo Rivera had worked for national banks in their maximum divisions in Ecuador from financial auditor to chief financial officer for 10 years between 1976 to 1991. After that, he has been working for 25 years as self-employed in different activities that included a 7 seven years ownership of Agent Distributor at Mobil, 17 years of importation of automotive parts and ten years ownership of Toro Taxes Mundo.


IRS Transcript Services
Free Direct Deposit

We can help you to get your tax transcript for any year. We just need just need your SSN or ITIN number, filing status, and home address.

Your tax return will be deposited directly into your bank account. We just need the name of the bank, routing number and account number.

File Now, Pay Later
ITIN Numbers, Form W7

Come to our office and we will explain all the details.

We can help you to get your ITIN Number for filing your federal taxes. It allows you to claim depends you support in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Protection+ Audit Protection
Bookkeeping and Financial Advisement

We can help you to receive an audit protection for the IRS if there is a legitimate legal error.

Need something else? Come to our office and we will explain all the details.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide and use all the tools by helping our Community to file their income taxes annually. We also prioritize excellent customer service and trust, so anyone coming to us feels satisfied with the service received.

Pablo Rivera

Financial Tax Consultant


Our Numbers!




Our tax accountant has 15 years of experience working with small businesses and entrepreneurs, and is knowledgeable about the latest tax laws and regulations.

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